T.J. Griffin artist statement 2014

Much like animal instincts, my current art work steams from an instinctual expressive behavior.
My need to create has existed for as long as I can remember. As I have grown, experimented and evolved; my art practice has begun to develop into something more instinctual.
Purging the need to create for any other purpose than to express my psychological state of mind has created a calmness in my process.
Some work is meditative, others are expressive depictions of my mental state frozen in a symbolic form.
Working with animals, creatures, and patterns in a cartoon influenced style allows the more complex feelings a simplistic whimsical outlet. I consciously play with these feelings in a somewhat ridiculous way. This manner of creation allows me to easily work through the mental aspects of what I am experiencing through out my life.
Ancient cultures have had a great influence on the style of my recent work. The symbolic imagery of masks and the figurative depictions of hybrid creatures in these cultures seem very familiar and natural to my creative process. Combining these early styles with contemporary concepts of expressive automatic drawing and painting allows me to fully express what my instincts desire.